Business traveller Checklist – Infographic

For employees who will be back on the road this autumn, Traveldoo shares some key elements of a traveller checklist with you.

Business travel put to the test by GDPR

In May 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force, obliging companies to take measures to ensure data confidentiality. Two years later, both in the travel business and [...]

It’s time to get serious with sustainability

Ahead of Business Travel Show 2020, the travel and expense technology company of Expedia Group asked travel buyers across the UK to provide insight on some of the major challenges they face in 2020.

2019 Business Travel Advent Calendar

Discover the 2019 Business Travel and Expense key figures. Download our advent calendar now!

Expense Reports: Tips & Good practices to reduce fraud!

Expenses paid by employees expose companies to errors, either because of a lack of knowledge or a deliberate desire to defraud. How to reduce fraud?

Expense reports management: the different levels of maturity

If we can notice a clear increase in expense spendings on both American and European continents, practices and habits in terms of expense reports management remain very different. Let's compare [...]

Travel managers : top challenges UK in 2019

Duty of care, traveller wellbeing and secure technology are the top concerns of the UK’s travel managers this year. A challenging year ahead?

2018 Business Travel & Expense Advent Calendar

Discover 2018 Business Travel and Expense key figures. Download our advent calendar now!

When Artificial Intelligence becomes a realistic travel assistant

In this second part, an infographic points out the benefits of Artificial Intelligence travel assistant for business travellers.

An optimised business travel service thanks to Artificial Intelligence

ESCAET MBA1 International Travel Management students highlight the use of Artificial Intelligence and its future in the world of Travel and Expense: booking, management of expense reports, [...]

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