ROI secrets for business travel

What is the key to improving ROI in business travel? A number of good practices that bring together new technologies and innovative processes can lead to significant differences in terms of ROI.

Traveller tracking – the feeling of ease knowing Big Brother is watching you?

About Traveller Tracking, businesses need to measure the benefits tools provide against the possible negative connotations associated with such technology and ensure they properly have policies [...]

Robotic Process Automation eases expense management

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that can automate business processes in a very simple and efficient way. When it comes to expense management, there are very evident ways the [...]

Best business podcasts for on the road

Here’s Traveldoo’s round-up of some of the best business podcasts - from success stories to hot inspirational leaders’ debates. To listen on the road!

Finding the right space to work

Finding a good place to be productive can be a challenge! Over recent years, the concept of co-working has emerged, fuelled by a more flexible workforce, a desire for greater workspace efficiency [...]

Expense Management: The last-minute Christmas rush

It has traditionally always been a busy month for expense management and while it’s not necessarily difficult to understand why, especially for frequent business travellers, this bad practice [...]

Take good care of business travellers

Business travel is increasingly thought of as key to attracting young talent. However, companies do not always promote well-being when travelling for business. Programmes to promote good health [...]

Is this the end of the frequent flyer programme?

Today frequent flyer programme are big business with trillions of points and worth billions of pounds, but are now accused to contribute to global warming.

The transformation of the travel manager / buyer role

The significant shifts in where the travel manager sits in the organisation illustrates the transformation of the role from order taker to so much more.

Paperless expense report: Creating conditions for success!

Going digital and implement a paperless expense report management is not easy for large organisations. There are our advices for the best success rate.