Hotel amenities: time to ask questions

2021 is a time of economic difficulties with expenditure being scrutinized where the purchase of hotel accommodation for employees on business trips could drastically change. This is a result of [...]

Comprehensive analysis – the key to a successful business trip

While expenditure is widely used as an indicator to assess business tourism, criteria related to the quality and success of travel are not taken into account by businesses. However, they are key [...]

Expense report management – process optimization

Digital transformation can modernize any company process, including expense report process optimization. And it is more than simply streamlining tasks. […]

What is in my expense reports?

How is money being spent during business travel?  What are the main features of these expenses? How can management of these expenses be improved and how can reasonable use be ensured? Zoom in on [...]

Cost is so important when it comes to restarting business travel

Travel restrictions may be driven predominantly by health and safety factors, but cost is also a factor as many organisations battle to reduce overheads and limit the economic damage of the pandemic.

The role of CFOs in the digital transformation of finance

In 2020, the pandemic crisis and the digitisation are spearheading a transformation of the CFO role at a pace never quite seen before, together with a shift in mindset that finance is solely a [...]

Expense advance requests: our 3 tips to manage them!

Requests for travel expense advances are not easy to manage and remain a sensitive subject because they directly affect the company's cash flow as well as that of the employee. Here are 3 tips to [...]

Duty of care: 5 tips to keep your travelers informed and safe

The return to business travel must be accompanied by a perfectly thought-out risk management policy and process, particularly in terms of health risks.

Unprecedented challenges for business travel

The current health crisis is changing the way people travel, presenting a huge challenge for businesses. The search for an ideal compromise between the need to travel and the importance of health [...]

Travel the world from your sofa

Technology can make it possible to travel the world from your sofa, quashing your wanderlust until we can take to the skies once more.