Going global: how to manage cultural differences

To be an effective global leader you need to appreciate the cultural differences to ensure the success of your global projects.

End-to-end solutions: the key to agile business travel

Could end-to-end solutions be the future of business travel when it comes to managing reservations, payments, contingencies or automatic data returns?

Centralised payments: the barriers to simplification

From lodged accounts to virtual cards and process automation, centralised payment systems are becoming more common. Some challenges remain, what are they?

Drive your OBT usage: 5 steps to succeed!

How do you ensure your business buys into your travel vision, your technological solutions and travel policy? Find out 5 steps to drive your OBT usage.

Get the maximum value out of your T&E solution

What's important in T&E? Consider the five following key points to improve the management of your process, to reduce costs or enhance visibility.

Business Mobile phone: avoid unpleasant surprises!

Who has never had an unpleasant surprise on their telephone bill? Long neglected, these expenses are now subject to company scrutiny.

SSAE18 type 2 compliance gives Traveldoo access to the most demanding foreign markets

The SSAE 18 type 2 report provides evidence that Traveldoo, its SaaS platform and service offer, meets the process and internal control requirements.


Seat reservations, baggage, wifi, drinks... Ancillary services impact on traveller spend becomes more of an issue for the travel buyer.

The Impact of Brexit

While there is little that can be done with so much uncertainty, travel buyers can take a few simple steps to ensure they are ready once a decision is made.

Women and business travel: let’s put an end to preconceived ideas!

"Men are more likely than women to be skilled in new technologies," the clichés say. A study by HRS showed that in business travel, as in other walks of life, there is no reason for this [...]