Safety first – how the travel industry is keeping travellers safe

Over the last eight months, the global travel industry has implemented a range of measures to welcome customers back on […]

Expense reports management Digitization: Traveldoo new offer

Traveldoo launches today a new 100% dematerialized expense management offer. Traveldoo Expense Express is for businesses of all sizes who would like to have a turnkey, fully featured expense [...]

KPIs are critical, but which ones? – Traveldoo Insight

BEYOND DATA, Traveldoo serie on business intelligence ! Episode 1 – It’s the data, stupid! Episode 2 – Data: how […]

Transforming T&E information into performance mechanism

More than ever, the expectations relating to T&E information are high. Learn how business intelligence can help you find your performance mechanism!

Data: how much is enough? – Traveldoo Insight

Each employee have different data needs to inform their decisions and perform tasks as efficiently as possible. Look our Ep.2 about our Insight solution!

It’s the data, stupid! | Traveldoo Insight

Find the 1st episode of our blogpost serie on BI: how to derive the most benefit and better compete using the growing amounts of data that businesses generate?

Storing Data, not Paper

Paper receipts have been around for years. Perhaps that is why society at large has not yet eliminated them. Time for storing data!

Frugal James Bond

Unwittingly, the russian spy brought to the fore one of the biggest problems facing business travelers – expense management!

Sharing better for travel policy compliance

Sharing isn’t a revolutionary concept but its sudden application to the sphere of business travel opens the floor to some questions about what to share.

Hackathon, benefits all round for your company

Following Traveldoos progress to the final of a recent Expedia wide hackathon we look here at the benefits of a hackathon.

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