Customer Service back in vogue

The use of technology and automation has changed the way we measure ROI. Business travellers still have to travel where they are needed, but the way they book, travel and experience the journey is personal to their preferences and lifestyle. This is where the lines are blurring and travellers are expecting the same level of customer service as experienced in their own leisure time.

With millennial and Gen Z travellers setting their own rules and demand for more flexible travel policies, more companies are starting to prioritise traveller satisfaction over cost savings. The move towards more traveller centric programmes has highlighted the importance of customer service, not just for the travellers but for the travel buyers, procurement specialists and bookers themselves. After all, if they are not receiving an acceptable level of service, its unlikely the traveller is either!

Traveldoo decided to put this to the test, and recently surveyed 600 European travel managers to get their views on the level of customer service in the business travel industry.

We found that 60% of buyers put equal measure on the importance of cost and service when selecting a new supplier. This is a shift from the traditional cost cutting approach, putting more emphasis on the service element and end traveller, to drive the savings through better productivity and loyalty.

The survey focused on the buyers’ perception of customer service they receive from suppliers, and in particular the level of service they experienced from their TMC.

Two of the key findings revealed the importance of pro-activity and consistency in service.

  • 90% of buyers would like their TMC to be more pro-active and highlight potential problems or issues in advance.
  • Just 30% of buyers felt they received a consistent level of service throughout the sales journey.

The use of automation and technology are going to be fundamental in finding solutions to these findings. The survey also explored communication preferences and whilst social media such as What’s app are all gaining more ground in the B2B space, there is still a need for face to face meetings, to build a relationship and ultimately trust.

To learn more about the survey results, see the attached infographic.

Traveldoo have recently implemented the NPS initiative to measure the quality of service we offer our customers. The assessments will be conducted quarterly to ensure we offer ‘best in class’ service and respond quickly to changing market requirements.

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