Rémy Cointreau chose Traveldoo T&E

As a worldwide group, Rémy Cointreau needed a comprehensive and reliable solution to manage all its French team’s foreign travel and company expenses. The implementation of Traveldoo’s Travel & Expense solution has made it possible for the group to more easily manage these transactions as it continues its international expansion.

Profile & Identity

The Rémy Cointreau group is a French company created in 1972 in Charente, and has grown to become an undisputed leader in the luxury spirits market, producing liqueurs, spirits, Champagne and cognacs. A result of several alliances and strategic combinations, the group generated over 965 million euros for its 2014-15 financial year, a large part of which came from international activity.

Bérengère Papini-Montagne, in charge of indirect purchases, and Eric Bourdarias, finance project manager within the IT department, worked together to find a system capable of integrating all aspects of travel management from travel requests to validation of expense requests and financial system accounting.

“Traveldoo seemed to be the solution that best met our specifications. The ergonomics of the solutions were also a real highlight.”


In 2013, Rémy Cointreau chose Traveldoo to manage complex travel bookings and expense requests.

“Traveldoo seemed for us to be the best solution to answer our technical specifications,” explains Bérengère Papini-Montagne, head of indirect purchases.”

Traveldoo Travel is a web and mobile platform for business travel management that scales to meet the company’s travel needs. The Traveldoo Expense solution simplifies expense filing and processing, thanks to the automated integration of expenditure with other systems. These two solutions bypass the need for manual data entry, thereby saving time and providing more rigorous cost control.

Implementing expense claims was a first for the group. The Traveldoo Expense solution makes it possible to avoid any avoidable expenses while helping with decision-making on travel validation and spending refunds.

“The project was a success because of the great cooperation between the Rémy Cointreau and Traveldoo implementation teams.”

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