Gras Savoye: Implementation T&E


Gras Savoye needed to pool and personalize its travel policies and expenses for all employees. With the Traveldoo Travel & Expense solution, Gras Savoye now has a clear and global overview of expenses incurred during business trips.

Profile and identity

Founded in 1907, Gras Savoye is the leading insurance broker in France. Its business areas include life insurance, non-life insurance, public liability, construction, and automobile insurances amongst various other specialities. As part of the Willis Tower Watson group, Gras Savoye has been modernizing its HR policy since January 2016.

Laurence Pardo, IT manager at Gras Savoye and Loic Lefrançois, Traveldoo Project Leader, worked together to combine the management of business travel and expenses.

“An all-in-one solution such as Traveldoo T&E results in huge T&E savings. Like many apps on the Internet, it is an easy solution to understand and get to grips with quickly. Anybody can enter their expenses without training as the tool is intuitive and logical.”

Gras Savoye: rallying around the Traveldoo T&E solution

In October 2014, Gras Savoye met with several solution providers. Following this, a brief was established, involving key users and project leaders. Then a call for bids was issued with clearly defined requirements: the application needed to be flexible and easily customizable; it had to integrate with the ecosystems of its five partners – Total, BNP, American Express, HCorpo and Bleu Voyages – and finally, program managers needed to be able to analyze the data and produce reports.

Of the four bids, Traveldoo’s Travel and Expense solution was chosen in February 2015 following an in-depth analysis and a workshop. “The selection of the Traveldoo T&E solution was also influenced by the fact that we have been using Traveldoo Enterprise solution to manage business trips, via our travel agency Bleu Voyages, since 2007” explains Laurence Pardo, “which provided considerable reassurance for the members of the project team, as they knew implementation of the Expense tool would be less of an upheaval for users as we already had the organizational structure in place and a client profile database.”

The project was also encouraged by the management, who wished to reform its employee expense management policy. “Not only were we changing solutions, but we were also adopting new travel and expenses policies, which consisted of reducing reimbursement requests and reducing the types of expense previously reimbursed,” stated Laurence Pardo. The simplicity of the Traveldoo T&E module was also a key aspect in the decision-making process. The IT manager also appreciated the relationship established with Traveldoo.

“Traveldoo was the most logical solution for Gras Savoye. Not only because of its flexibility and ease of use, but also because Traveldoo understood the challenges we are facing.”

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