WIPO chose Traveldoo

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) employs approximately 1,300 employees and views employee mobility as essential. In order to offer a simple and flexible online booking tool, WIPO selected Traveldoo, enabling it to manage the flow of travelers in the organization while adhering to established travel policies.

Profile & Identity

As an integral part of the United Nations (UN), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the entity responsible for managing the international legal framework. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, WIPO organizes numerous missions, conferences and assemblies throughout the year.

Neïla Krifi leads the Travel and Administration of Missions section at WIPO and together with Raphaël Blanc, the project manager leading the Traveloo implementation, they successfully managed the transition towards an online booking solution.


“Traveldoo managed all transfers, working with our travel agency. They knew how to work in an independent and autonomous manner that saved us a lot of time since we did not have to liaise with the two entities.”

WIPO chooses Traveldoo : a flexible online booking tool combined with unique support

Following an invitation to tender, WIPO chose Traveldoo, an Online Booking Tool (OBT) that simplifies travel bookings and offers a simple and reliable purchasing experience.

“The solution had to be easily integrated with our current travel agency’s system. One of the key points of this invitation-to-tender was to implement something tailored for our needs instead of a standard solution provided by a travel agency ” says Raphaël Blanc.

WIPO also chose to change the travel agency during the project implementation; this occurred with no impact on normal services. “Traveldoo took responsibility for all coordination between the agencies for us,” explains Blanc.

“Traveldoo understood our needs all the way through the invitation-to-tender phase. From the beginning, they matched our expectations and reassured us we had made the right choice for a simple and flexible solution and had a team of readily available people who were very keen to listen.”

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