Duty of care: 5 tips to keep your travelers informed and safe

While the Covid-19 crisis has challenged and completely stopped business travel, optimism is once again beginning to resurface among travel managers. The upturn in business travel remains low and the vast majority is in domestic segments for the time being*. Unpredictability, our poor knowledge of this Covid-19 virus, and its possible second wave make it very difficult to speculate on a date for a return to normal. Nevertheless, travel managers are getting busier and now know there is a subject they will be expected to deal with: duty of care. The return to business travel must be accompanied by a perfectly thought-out risk management policy and process, particularly in terms of health risks.

Madassa, Customer Support Analyst at Traveldoo, has handled many customer queries related to this issue during the crisis. She shares with you 5 tips to keep your travelers safe and informed.


  1. Implementing a risk management policy is good, but communicating it is better! As well as the policies that govern your travels and expenses spending, employees must also be aware of what you are doing to protect them during their trip. Knowing which department or person is responsible for a trip and what protocols are in place before, during and after a trip not only reassures employees but also makes them aware of what has been put in place to ensure their safety.


  1. Know how to identify reliable sources of information: If you don’t have specialized tools to manage your employees’ safety and you are carrying out your own research into the risks of a destination – pay attention to your information sources. For example, in the UK, you will find updated information on gov.uk. For European Union, the site reopen.eu is a good reference, for each destination there are different tab which lists the dangers and prerequisites for each country and how to have a pleasant stay. In general, prefer official state governments websites. Travel suppliers (agencies, airlines, etc.) can also help you. For example, when you check-in for your flight, be sure to check the latest information available on their site. As travel professionals, these organizations have a very reliable information network at their disposal.


  1. “Better safe than sorry”: This motto applies perfectly to your risk management strategy. Indeed, it is essential to inform the traveler of the risks he or she faces in a given destination before making a reservation. This will challenge the real need for travel and put them on alert straight away for any risks they might encounter. To do this, there are numerous options: alert message at the time of booking or even blocking the reservation, color code the risk of the country of destination or limiting the number of passengers from the same company on the same flight or to the same destination. You can also adapt your approval processes by integrating security officers or by simply choosing a notification.


  1. Where? How and which one? Risk is a big word, it can also depend on your role within the company or even your industry. For effective management, a more specific risk description and level are needed, such as political risk, health risk or environmental risk…


  1. Make sure you can find your travelers. When employees are traveling on business, organizations have a responsibility to be vigilant with their travelers. The organization should know where they are, that they are safe, that they are not injured and that they can be reached in the event of an emergency. With Traveldoo’s Risk Manager solution, travel managers can access the list of employees currently traveling at any time and contact them personally from this online solution.


How can Traveldoo help you implement a risk management solution from a technology perspective?  Enrich your SBT Travel solution with Traveldoo’s “Risk Manager” module to reduce your travelers’ risk exposure and react more quickly in an emergency situation.



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