Ensuring a good job all round

A happy traveller makes a more productive traveller, so how do you ensure your business travellers arrive at their business destination, happy relaxed and ready to seize the day?

In my experience, people go on a business trip with the mindset to do the best job they can, whether for pay, pride, pleasure or all three. However, in many companies, travel is the second largest item of expenditure after payroll so travel budgets are often the first target for cost cutting measures, with little regard for the expectations of the business traveller.  It is therefore up to CFO’s and travel manager to alleviate as many stresses as possible to ensure business travellers are able to excel, in terms of performance and productivity on arrival at their destination. What’s more, according to a recent survey 81% of business travellers believe that better business travel improves morale (source Amex GBT).

So how is this possible?

  1. Technology

Ensuring the business traveller has easy access to a robust booking tool via their choice of technology (mobile/ desktop) for a frictionless booking and travelling experience. Once booked, technology can be used to keep the traveller abreast of any changes to the itinerary so that the necessary alternative arrangements can be made and making the process as smooth as possible.

  1. Flexibility

The world and the way in which travel choices are made is changing. A new generation of traveller – Generation Y – is more widely travelled than its predecessors and is reluctant to be away from their families and homes. 35.6% of business travellers citing that spending time away from home is the worst part of business travel (source: Amex GBT)

Appreciating that business travellers often forgo personal leisure time with friends and family to take a business trip can make a huge difference. Offering days in lieu or flexible hours can help morale and show your appreciation.

  1. Communication

Being away from the office can make business travellers feel isolated. There is added stress from not being able to keep on top of the day to day work and manage the additional workload of the business trips.

Stay in touch, support your travellers and keep them updated on any potential changes to travel plans, pre-empting alternative routes in the case of strikes, cancellations or national disasters.

Ensure business travellers have access to Wi-Fi to stay in touch with home and encourage wellness as part of your travel programme so that travellers continue to benefit from a work-life balance.

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