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Managing business expenses is often long, complicated and tedious for companies and accountants. To remedy this, Traveldoo – a subsidiary of Expedia Group and a provider of travel and expense management platforms – offers a complete expense management solution.  Traveldoo Expense software greatly simplifies accounting management by automating the management of expense reports and optimising business expense management. There is also a mobile application providing simple, fast and real-time management of business expenses. How does it work? Let’s discover the different features and advantages offered by this solution.


Traveldoo Expense is the ideal solution to simply and efficiently manage expense reports. It’s essential for accountants and anyone in charge of expense reports, dealing with the time-consuming and complex management of business expenses. It allows the automation of expense report management, control and optimisation of business expenses, monitoring and analysis of the business expense management policy and the management of expense reports in real time using the dedicated mobile application. The latter is fully synchronized with the Traveldoo Expense solution and offers the simplified, immediate management of employee expenses.


Traveldoo Expense includes many features to make it easier to manage expense reports on a daily basis. You will be able to:

  • Automatically create expense reports from travel orders and reservations made via Traveldoo and integrate expenses and receipts (recorded in the electronic portfolio), payment flows, locations, dates, suppliers and conversion rates.
  • Control business expenses by customising your expense types and reimbursement rules (by category of employee according to the reason for the expense).
  • Reduce reimbursement time and prepare for VAT recovery with intuitive tools.
  • Facilitate the accounting process, by identifying types of expenses and assigning them an accounting code to integrate them seamlessly into your ERP management software.
  • Automatically control and validate expense reports (multi-criteria and multi-level) using functionality adapted to your organisation (approval and control roles, system for notifying changes in the status of an expense report, non-compliance alerts, automatic calculation of reimbursement amounts and approval on smartphones or tablets, etc.).
  • Promote compliance with your travel and reimbursement policy by identifying and explaining non-compliance, justifying out-of-policy expenses, blocking submission or reimbursement of certain expenses, annotating expense lines and expense notes, and automatically calculating the reimbursement amounts.
  • Create detailed reports related to 6 areas (activity, expenses, compliance, price, savings, employees) to understand the evolution of business expenses.
  • Analyse your expense management policy using interactive dashboards to facilitate the monitoring of your KPIs (key performance indicators): budget consumption, compliance rates, reimbursement times, etc.

The mobile expense report software “Expense” is fully synchronised with the web solution and offers the same rules and controls as well as intuitive functionality.


The Traveldoo Expense mobile application offers simple, fast management of expense reports, wherever you are. Fully synchronised with the web solution, you will find your data, settings, rules and customised controls. Flexible and intuitive, it offers powerful functionality, allowing you to:

  • Geolocate and record your expenses simply and quickly in real time in your e-wallet or in your current expense report.
  • Scan your receipts and attach them to your expenses or save them in your e-wallet and attach them later.
  • Automate expense claim management and reduce reimbursement times.
  • Check, validate and track expense reports directly from your smartphone or tablet, at any time, in real time and anywhere.
  • Integrate reports into accounting systems, ERP and HR software as soon as the expense report is approved.
  • Use the voice command function for considerable time saving.

The Expense mobile application is also synchronised with the Travel application so you can easily convert a business trip into an expense report.

It is also compatible with Android and iOS.


The Traveldoo Expense mobile solution not only automates the quick and easy creation and management of your expense reports, but also allows you to centralise all your data and have access to it at any time, anywhere.

Thanks to its innovative functionality (geolocation of expenses and digitisation of documents in real time, voice recognition, etc.), you can optimally manage the business expenses in your company, organisation or project, efficiently and save time.

This particularly intuitive application offers a simplified, flexible process for submitting expense reports and facilitates the work of accountants, managers and business travellers.

Thanks to the complete synchronisation between the Expense web solution and the Expense mobile application, you will be able to find all your data and customised settings in your mobile application dedicated to managing your expense reports.

Traveldoo Expense offers a complete solution to manage your expenses efficiently, quickly and easily. The web solution and Expense mobile application provide better visibility, control and real-time management of your business expenses.

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