Expense report receipt

What do I need to know about expense report receipt?

An expense report receipt is essential for the reimbursement of business expenses incurred by employees, associates or managers. It can either be submitted as a hard or digital (electronic) copy.

An expense report without receipt can expose the business to complications or even penalties in the event of a tax audit. Fortunately, there are solutions if you lose receipt!

Some receipts, such as meal expense receipts, are subject to specific rules that it is important to be aware of. This article tells you everything you need to know.

Expense report: what do you need to do if you lose your receipt?

Every expense report drafted by employees, associates or management must be accompanied by an invoice or a receipt so that it can be reimbursed.

However, employees may sometimes misplace the paper receipt of their expenses, which can be a problem. Failure to provide documents for your expense report means that its business expenses will be considered personal expenses and not reimbursed. Registering expenses without supporting documents in the company accounts can have disastrous consequences, such as tax adjustments in the event of an audit.

How to proceed if you lose your receipt

If you lose the paper receipt for your expense report, you can apply one of the following solutions to remedy this annoying problem and receive reimbursement for your expense:

  • If you notice the loss on time, you can request a duplicate of your documents from the merchant.
  • If too much time has passed to allow you to request a duplicate document, you will have to produce a signed statement. This can be handwritten or typed, and must include information about your identity, contact information, a statement of the facts and your signature. Traveldoo makes it very easy to declare the loss of a supporting document: just tick the “lost receipt” box and attach a sworn statement when creating your expense report. Traveldoo also allows you to include a comment notifying your supervisor and accounting department when you create your expense report. And to make life easier for accountants, the Traveldoo expense solution uses a specific colour code to highlight expense reports with missing receipts, so they can be prioritised.

Some businesses may request a bank account or bank card statement to justify the expense (date and amount). You can also import your company card expenses into your expense solution.


Note that a business may agree to reimburse your expenses without any documentation if:

  • the amount is small (for example, 30 euros for meal expenses)
  • the situation is exceptional and does not recur

However, these solutions do not guarantee that your expenses will be reimbursed. In order to avoid any unfortunate loss, it’s a good idea to digitise expense report processes (by scanning your receipts with your mobile expense app).


How can I digitise expense report supporting documents?

In more and more countries, tax authorities are authorising the digitisation of expense reports. You can therefore save paper documents digitally, under certain conditions: this practice is known as probative value archiving.

This new practise has many advantages, and greatly simplifies expense management and reimbursement. Losing your expense report receipt is no longer a problem!

How probative value archiving works

To digitise and archive an expense report supporting document pursuant to the rules, you need to:

  • Scan the receipt

Scanned documents must be strictly identical to the original. You can use your mobile expense app’s OCR technology or a recent scanner.

  • Save the document in PDF format

Scanned receipts must be saved in PDF format (without image compression).

  • Seal the document

Digitised documents must be dated and signed to ensure that they will not be modified. They can be signed electronically (by a natural person such as the accountant) or by means of a corporate seal (for legal persons).

  • Using a certification authority

This type of authority issues electronic certificates and provides a specialist sealing tool.

  • Secure archived documents

Digitised documents must be stored securely to prevent loss or damage. It is therefore necessary to make backup copies, restrict access to files, and implement access control.

Dedictaed tools

Various solutions are available to digitise your expense report procedure from start to finish:

  • Expense management solutions, such as Traveldoo Expense. Our intuitive solution allows you to scan your expense report receipts, attach them to your expenses, save them and submit your expense reports for approval.
  • Corporate credit cards integrated into your expense report management solution. These cards automate the expense report management processes from payment, receipt, and control to auditing by directly importing expenses into the expense tool.


In short, expense report receipts must be saved carefully for reimbursement. Digitising documents allows you to avoid wasting time finding them! Digitised receipt management is more fluid and very convenient for some expenses, such as meal expenses.

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