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Looking to optimise expense management with a dedicated expense reports app?

Managing expense reports is often perceived as a tedious and terribly time-consuming task, for both employees and accountants.

Employees have to save all their business trips or meal receipts, for example, and then create their expense report, often manually. The accountant must verify and approve every expense report and then proceed with the reimbursement, which is often complicated and highly controlled. Fortunately, mobile apps now simplify expense report management and support employee mobility. Discover how they work and how to choose the app that best suits your needs.

Which app is best for managing your expense reports?

We recommend using specialist apps to facilitate and optimise expense management and reimbursement. These mobile expense apps have been designed to meet the specific needs of traveling employees and businesses.

The advantages of apps

Mobile expense apps offer many advantages:

  • Simplified, speedy procedures: by placing user experience at the heart of their solution, apps include technologies like geolocation or OCR, which reduce the number of steps needed to create an expense report and require fewer human interventions.
  • Time saving: the procedure is automated and more reliable.
  • Cost reduction: your employees focus on high added value responsibilities rather than expense report admin.
  • Flexibility: expense reports can be viewed and submitted anywhere and at any time, even immediately, from a mobile phone.
  • Better tracking: expense reports are saved automatically and in real time. This gives accountants a better overview of expenses and allows for better budget management.
  • Employee productivity and well-being: fewer tedious procedures and faster expense report approvals reduce stress.

Choosing the right app

It is important to consider employees, accountants and business needs to be able to choose the right mobile expense app. The aim is to optimise the expense report management process and to secure employee support for the use of this new app. It is therefore essential that employees perceive this new tool as a way to improve their working conditions.

  • First, list all the features your company needs, in order of importance. For example:
    • The creation of different user profiles (travellers, assistants, accountants, etc.)
    • Automatic recording of expense information
    • Configuration of your travel and reimbursement policy
    • Automatic accounting
    • Real-time payment control
    • The creation of alerts
    • An interface that can be accessed anywhere from various devices (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.)
  • Next, list your teams’ most time-consuming tasks.
  • Finally, focus on how your teams organise their expense report management (their needs, difficulties, what works, etc).

The elements to consider

Once your needs have been defined, make sure that your chosen app includes the following essential elements:

  • Personalisation

You must be able to adjust your app if your needs change.

  • Mobility

The app must be accessible anywhere and at any time to allow your employees to create an expense report as soon as the expense is incurred. Remember to choose an app that’s compatible with your mobile fleet (iOS, Android, etc).

  • Legislation

The app must comply with the applicable regulations (for example, on supporting documents). It is therefore important to choose a reliable and trustworthy service provider.

  • Controlling expenses

Alerts when thresholds are exceeded, real-time expense analyses, data cross-referencing, etc. These features are important because they allow you to control, anticipate and reduce expenses.

  • Ergonomics

The app must be ergonomic and intuitive, to make it easy to access the data you are looking for.

  • Customer service & support

The app must provide an efficient, responsive and transparent service when needed.

Mobile expense management app

The Traveldoo Expense solution offers a smooth and intuitive mobile app that saves time. Whether you are in a restaurant, on the train, in your hotel, or on assignment, all you need to do is bring your smartphone and take a picture of your supporting document using OCR technology. The app takes care of everything else for you.

The main features of the Traveldoo Expense app

This app is available on iOS and Android and enables the following principle advantages:

  • Geolocate and record your expenses in real time in your e-wallet or in your current expense report.
  • Scan your receipts using OCR technology and attach them to your expenses reports or save them in your e-wallet and attach them later. Find your digitised documents in the app and export it as a PDF file.
  • Automate expense report management and reduce reimbursement delays.
  • Verify, validate and track expense reports directly from your smartphone or tablet, at any time, in real time and anywhere.
  • Integrate reports into accounting systems, ERP and HR software as soon as the expense report is validated.

The advantages offered by the Traveldoo Expense mobile solution

The Traveldoo Expense app not only automates your expense report creation and management very simply and quickly, it also allows you to centralise all your data and to access to it at any time and in any place.

Innovative features allow you to optimally manage your company’s business expenses, save time and increase efficiency. This app makes the work of employees, accountants, managers and business travellers easier.

In addition, this Expense mobile app is also synchronised with the Traveldoo Travel app so that you can easily create an expense report from a business trip booking. This will allow you to see the total business trip costs.

When you look at all these advantages, using a mobile app to simplify the expense report management process seems pretty essential! It saves time, money and efficiency, and reduces stress. The Traveldoo Expense mobile solution offers you better visibility, greater control and optimised expense report management.

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