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Traveldoo is a proud but independent part of the Expedia Group. While we do things that none of the other Expedia group companies do, such as expense management, we also do much that is common with other group members. Under the new helmsmanship of Mark Okerstrom, there is renewed energy and direction for finding all possible synergies and opportunities for the group companies both to help each other and to help the group itself to grow and evolve.

And so, Traveldoo is currently engaged in our first “open source” shared development initiative with Egencia and Expedia. An open source approach is one where multiple parties all work on the same shared code base for the benefit of all.

The focus for our project is to make a shared connection with SilverRail (another Expedia company) to make international rail content available to our various clients. It’s interesting as the needs of the companies are all slightly different, so as well as developing a set of core components and capabilities we also need to be able to add functionality which is specialized to the way Traveldoo works. Nevertheless the efficiency gains possible when working this way are striking. Where previously we would have had a team of 8 working to build the link independently, we are currently contributing 2 developers to a shared team which will deliver the same benefits in more or less the same timeframe.

The first rail provider which we will make available this way is Renfe. Corporate travellers will be able to purchase tickets from Renfe in accordance with the travel policy of their company. Additionally, they will have access to negotiated rates and individual travelers will also be able to easily purchase tickets for multiple passengers at a time.

After Renfe we will continue to bring new rail content into the application, including Swedish and Italian providers.

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