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Episode 1It’s the data, stupid!
Episode 2Data: how much is enough?
Episode 3KPIs are critical, but which ones? 


Lots of things happened in the 90s. Firstly, I was born. Secondly, in the world of politics, strategist James Carville coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” during Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. This phrase has been re-used and paraphrased multiple times since, by leaders hoping to get their most important point across in the simplest of ways.

In business, “data” and its importance were discussed with vigor amongst industry leaders and analysts throughout the 90s and beyond. Almost 30 years later, it’s safe to say that the key strategy for business’ success can still be described as “it’s the data, stupid!”.

Today, proclaiming that data is vital for businesses is no longer a revolution. There is universal recognition that data is in fact the lifeblood of any business. The outstanding question is how to derive the most benefit and better compete using the vast and growing amounts of data that businesses generate?

Travel and Expense (T&E) is a material item on every business’ balance sheet, and therefore far too significant to not pay it attention. By optimizing the travel expenditure of your teams, you can significantly reduce your costs; while processing expense claims more efficiently (and reimbursing them in a timely manner!), you can improve employee satisfaction.

Unfortunately, companies using T&E solutions, often don’t have access to the full range of data available. And let’s face it, while T&E budgets are a fundamental part of financial statements, it’s commonly seen as a peripheral, non-revenue-generating business function, and so not a priority.

“Doing something unimportant well does not make it important” – Tim Ferris

Even if you did have all of the necessary raw T&E data on hand, do you really want to be cleaning it, sorting it, analyzing it, and figuring out how to present it when you could quickly and easily get actionable insights from your T&E solution provider?

Wouldn’t you rather have ready-made KPIs tailored for you instead of large volumes of data dispersed across various databases and platforms? And, do I really need to remind you of the difficulties in communicating exactly what you want to the technical-bods in charge of building reports for you from the raw data?

For the business travel industry, the answer to all your data dilemmas lies with Traveldoo Insight: the new, advanced business intelligence (BI) module for Travel and Expense clients.

“Data collected from a diverse array of sources; consolidated and given context to provide a holistic picture; analyzed to convert data to actionable information; and presented it in a simple and coherent manner, quite simply, deliver the most value.”

Powered by Tableau Software, Insight’s interactive capabilities bring your T&E KPIs to life with easy to digest data visuals. Our flexible dashboards enable you to drill up or down to understand broad contexts as well as delve into minute details. We take a business-led approach to BI and so our workbooks are designed for target user roles and their requirements. You can subscribe to regular reports and set up alerts to be instantly notified of outliers. In addition, you can download both summary and full underlying data to share with others in your team.

Should you need something above and beyond this, we’ve got you covered. We’ll permit you to access the data sources and edit existing views for further customizations and / or create your own dashboards from scratch with the available data.

Imagine the time you could save and re-allocate to something that’s more important to you – or to the bottom line. Traveldoo Insight enables you to monitor and control your T&E budgets and processes and step-in immediately when your time and attention is warranted.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

If you’re ready to benefit from T&E analytics over raw data, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information or to arrange a demo. And, stay tuned for future posts with more insights on Insight from the Traveldoo team…

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