Measure Customer Satisfaction

At the start of 2018, Traveldoo set a business objective to improve the way we rate “Customer Satisfaction”, consistently and accurately across the organisation.

A simple objective that conceals a much larger effort because, in practical terms. We started by defining what ‘Customer Satisfaction’ means to our partners and clients.

Traveldoo defines it, in its broadest sense: services delivered, quality of service, support level, project support, relationship follow-up, and more. There’s no order of preference as we aim to satisfy everyone –end users, travel managers, administrators, account managers, support staff, customer management — with a multitude of diverse and varied expectations such as rationalisation, employee services, purchasing performance, internal monitoring and security management.

As you know, Traveldoo realises that satisfaction comes in many flavours, and aims to provide a menu varied and copious enough to satisfy all of our client base!

To help fulfil this objective, Traveldoo initiated its very first NPS (Net Promoter Score) campaign at the beginning of the year, to measure and monitor the quality of its services. NPS is an indicator that measures customer satisfaction and loyalty to products and services delivered by the company.

How does it work?

This simple principle consists of submitting one specific question and one open question to a defined panel. The answer to the first question is on a scale of 0 to 10, while the second is free-form.

Q1 – “Would you recommend Traveldoo to someone you know? “

Give a score between 0 and 10 which reflects your opinion of the quality of service provided by Traveldoo.

  • A score between 0 and 6 means that you are a critic and not at all satisfied with Traveldoo services. You wouldn’t recommend us to people you know.
  • A score between 7 and 8 means that you are indifferent but satisfied with our services. However, you wouldn’t encourage someone you know to use our services.
  • A score between 9 and 10 means that you are an advocate and very satisfied with our services. You would recommend Traveldoo to people you know.

Q2 – Why did you give us this rating?

Note that all Traveldoo teams are affected by these feedbacks. The detailed review of these comments is the subject of a thorough analysis by the Traveldoo teams, with the aim of implementing a high-end and personalized action plan. To ensure continuous improvement in satisfaction, a campaign is conducted quarterly.

For more information, and if you also want to participate in this initiative, contact your Account Manager.

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