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30 years ago, mobile phones did not exist. Nowadays, they are so essential that it is difficult to imagine how we ever lived without them. As proof, try to meet up with someone without using a mobile phone! A new comfort blanket or “transitional object”, we look at our phones, on average more than 50 times a day, we take them everywhere with us and we even sleep with them to be sure to wake up on time. Whether it’s to take pictures or videos, use GPS, watch films, use it as a torch, their possibilities are limitless and ever increasing.

The number of people who own a mobile phone is also increasing despite an already very high adoption rate. According to “The Global State of Digital in 2019” report by Hootsuite and We Are Social, global mobile phone ownership is 67%, or 5.1 billion unique mobile users – an increase of 2% from 2018. In the UK, 107% of the total population have mobile subscriptions, including the multi-subscribers who have several smartphones! The smartphone is now the most commonly used device to connect to the internet.

The number of applications used and the time spent on mobile phones is also increasing. According to the Hootsuite and We Are Social study, each smartphone has an average of 98 applications, of which 34 are used every month. Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Snapchat and Spotify are the most popular applications. This change of habits in mobile phone usage also affects our professional life. No wonder we have seen a strong increase in the use of the Traveldoo application among our customers.

This increase is also due to the “Mobile First” strategy that we have been developing for several years and our decision to intensify our R&D efforts in mobile technology. We have a team entirely dedicated to mobile and we are continuously improving our offer. This represents 20% of our total R&D investment. Our objective is to constantly improve the native mobile user experience, to increase adoption rates and to create a clear value proposition for users. Our customers have also contributed to the increase in mobile usage by communicating its benefits for the business traveller, such as being reimbursed much faster for travel expenses. Why miss out on the invaluable time savings of creating, sending or approving expense reports on mobile phones before you even get back to the office? We are convinced that all travel expense management will be predominantly on mobile in 2019 and we are continually working to make the mobile experience easier and more enjoyable.

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