Business Mobile phone: avoid unpleasant surprises!

In a context of increased business travel and development of 4G, mobile bills are becoming more and more expensive. Long neglected, these expenses are now subject to company scrutiny.

Who has never had an unpleasant surprise on their telephone bill due to uncontrolled mobile data use? From a business perspective, this phenomenon is reported to be much more frequent than one might think. The Digital Technologies Solutions division within the operational performance consulting firm EPSA Groupe, which deals with this type of problem, states that “exceeding several hundred or several thousand euros per employee is not uncommon”.

In a growing number of organisations, significant efforts are being made to better control these costs. The development of mobile internet in recent years has led to a complete rethink of company mobile management practices, targeting contracts and identifying people in the company who travel. Once identified, it is easier to adapt packages more suitable for their needs.

Of course, the implementation of charges related to telephone usage abroad, outside the European Union, represents an additional cost. It is estimated that for frequent travellers, the cost is not around 15 to 20 euros, but more in the order if 70 or even 100 euros per month.
In addition to adapted packages, training schemes offered by certain consulting firms play an important role. They take the form of sessions lasting one to one and a half hours and train around fifteen employees. Their aim is to promote best practices, particularly in the use of international mobile data. Local Wifi networks should be used as much as possible. If not available, it is advisable to download emails without attachments. Applying basic rules such as these has a considerable impact, making it possible to reduce expenses by up to 10 times.

Therefore, monitoring employee data and usage by Purchasing or Travel Managers is essential. Telephone operators can recommend that a particular contract be upgraded to a different package that is better suited to these needs. And they also offer tools for supervising activity so businesses can have a global view of expenditure at all times so they are better informed to make decisions. Alert and blocking procedures are also important. Communications that appear to be abnormal can be blocked. When a level is exceeded in terms of data consumption, an alert is sent, and the internet connection can be disconnected by the operator.

In general, invoice flows from mobile suppliers should be closely monitored, as should subscriptions that may otherwise be misplaced, and contractual clauses that may restrict your options. These aspects can all have a negative impact on the final invoice.

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