Planning business trips

Planning business trips requires good organisation. Business travellers often have a very busy schedule – meetings with clients, seminars and other activities – and potentially being in a different country can make the planning even more complicated. This is why it’s essential to pay particular attention to the organisation of a business trip so it’s as beneficial as possible for the company and its employees. In this article, you’ll find advice and tips to succeed in making the most of your business trip!

Organising a business trip

To avoid disappointments or unnecessary stress during your business trip, good organisation is essential. Here are some points to remember:

Official documents

  • If there are official procedures to be carried out, such as passport and visa applications, allow extra time because these may require longer to complete. As soon as your travel dates are confirmed, start doing what’s necessary.
  • Ensure that your identity documents are valid and in order for the duration of your stay.
  • You can consult the “Foreign Travel Advice” section on the government website for useful information about your destination country.


  • Make sure you have a copy of your travel documents (flight tickets, hotel confirmation) on your computer and/or mobile phone.
  • Don’t forget to note contact details of your local contacts.


  • Ensure your vaccinations are up to date before departure and find out about any health recommendations (required vaccinations, diseases, etc.). For this, you can consult the NHS Fit For Travel website.
  • Remember to prepare a travel first aid kit, containing “essential” medicines, dressings, etc. in case of any problems.
  • If you are travelling long-haul, you will probably suffer from the symptoms of “jet lag” or time difference. Take time to relax and rest before beginning your meetings or appointments at the destination.


  • Before leaving, write a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything and that you are well organised while you are there.
  • Depending on the destination country, don’t forget to bring adapters for your phone and computer with you, otherwise it will be difficult to use your devices which may contain valuable data.
  • Don’t forget to take the chargers for your devices.
  • During your absence, remember to delegate duties to your colleagues. You can also set up automatic out-of-office emails containing the contact details of the person who should be contacted in case of an emergency.


  • If you are responsible for making business travel arrangements, plan your trips in advance.
  • Choose accommodation according to its location to make sure you arrive for your meetings on time. Check if the establishment offers services that you may need (laundry, WiFi, etc.) and that it’s not too noisy (so you can work and rest if necessary).
  • If you need to change cities or countries during your trip, choose a hotel near an airport or train station. You can also book a multi-destination flight ticket, which is the more financially sound option, or find out about the different transport available (car rental, train).
  • Don’t forget to keep all your reservations on your smartphone or print them out, so that you always have them to hand during your business trip.

Your suitcase

  • Don’t bother with oversized things or items you don’t really need. Travel light! The ideal way is to only take a cabin bag, in order to avoid it being lost, save time at the airport and be able to move around easily.
  • Be sure to comply with cabin luggage regulations and do not put sharp objects, oversized liquid containers, etc. in them.
  • Pack clothes which are suitable for the climate, and appropriate for the planned events (gala, seminar, exhibition, etc.).
  • Don’t forget to take the required documents for a trouble-free business trip, such as your reservation documents, a computer or a tablet.*


How to succesfully organise a business trip

Once all this advice has been followed, you’re ready to go on your business trip.

However, to make this business trip a real success for you and your company, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Find out about the destination country

Before you leave, it’s important to learn about local customs, traditions, dress codes, greetings and gestures specific to your destination country.

> This will help you avoid making mistakes, for example, wearing inappropriate clothing or colours that could offend your local contacts.

> This will allow you to impress your associates by adopting some local customs.

> Learning some expressions in the local language can be a good starting point for successful negotiations.

  • Business cards

Consider printing new business cards in the language of your local contacts.

  • Photocopies of important documents

Make sure you travel with a copy of your identity documents and a copy of the documents related to your stay so that you are not caught off guard in the event of loss or theft.

  • Backup of business documents

Remember also to save your business presentations and all the documents to be shared with your local contacts on a USB stick or an external hard drive.

  • Take notes and complete a daily appraisal

Write down your ideas at client appointments, meetings, seminars or training sessions, using a smartphone or notebook.

Try to take stock every day of what has been accomplished (for example, positive and negative points) so that no valuable information is lost!

In conclusion, for a business trip to be a success, it’s important to take the time to plan and organise it well. Several elements are to be taken into account and should not be neglected (safety, administrative procedures, health and reservations) when preparing a business trip. In addition, our Traveldoo Travel solution, which simplifies and optimises the booking of business trips, will save you valuable time. The advantage is that your trip is prepared from A to Z by specialists, keeping to your budget, saving you time and money and providing you with valuable advice.

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