SSAE18 type 2 compliance gives Traveldoo access to the most demanding foreign markets

Traveldoo has received an SOC 1 (SSAE18) type 2 report evidencing the quality of its internal policies, operational processes and internal control systems. This 100-page report is the result of an audit of processes, policies and internal control, conducted by a major international audit firm over a six-month period, from April to September 2018. The SOC 1 (SSAE 18) type 2 report provides evidence that Traveldoo, its SaaS platform and service offer, meets the process and internal control requirements specified in the report.

A strategic choice

Traveldoo’s decision to conduct an SSAE18 compliance audit is in line with the globalisation strategy for its Travel & Expense offer (travel and expense management solution). In the course of its daily operations, the company processes thousands of sensitive data items, such as the personal and financial data belonging to business travellers. SSAE 18 type 2 compliance is increasingly a prerequisite for responding to tenders from large international companies. In response to the growing demand for expense management projects, Traveldoo began working with one of the largest global consulting firms at the end of 2017 to carry out this compliance audit. The SSAE 18 report verifies the effective implementation of the human, technical and organisational measures required to deliver quality services, with a high level of reliability and security. All of Traveldoo’s operational and production activities have been audited covering the complete operation of a SaaS solution (maintenance, evolution, innovation), infrastructure management (access, performance, redundancy), customer data management (confidentiality, backup), security, and the management of services offered to direct and indirect customers (via travel agency portals).

A demanding procedure

The audit checks the documentation and effectiveness of Traveldoo’s internal procedures relating to the applicable policies and to the rules and various control points that have been implemented, both at a departmental and governance level. To ensure that all predefined good practices are applied on a daily basis, the firm conducted interviews, had access to all procedures and control points, verified that these controls are carried out correctly, and requested data samples over a period of six months. The SSAE 18 compliance audit will be conducted annually, and corresponding SOC 1 report renewed per the results of the annual audit.

Another step forward for Traveldoo

Obtaining a SOC 1 (SSAE 18) Type 2 compliance report is a major milestone for Traveldoo and is a valuable commercial asset. The SSAE 18 report can save time and money when dealing with control processes, in particular those conducted by the Statutory Auditors during annual reporting.
The Traveldoo brand now has a great tool to help achieve its ambitions, more specifically, to gain full access to the American and Asian markets.

“We are very proud to have successfully conducted this SSAE 18 type 2 compliance audit, to be able to assist our customers with the highest level of service quality. This approach has mobilised all Traveldoo teams and has enabled us to improve our organisation and all our internal procedures. We have taken a very important step towards addressing the challenges relating to the deployment of our T&E solution within our large customers’ organisations. We are now able to better meet the requirements of markets such as the United States, which will enable us to accelerate our growth. ” Stéphane Donders, CEO, Traveldoo brand.

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