Storing Data, not Paper

As consumers, many of us have been wishing for the death of paper receipts for a long time now. There are many reasons for this. Some of us are environmentalists, we hate the thought of contributing to the massive waste of paper products. Some of us are minimalists, and we don’t want big wallets but more a simple credit card and driver’s license holder. Some of us are germaphobes or health nuts, and we prefer to not handle physical stuff. Still others are super organized shoppers who want to be able to digitally analyze all purchases and return items later without fear of losing a receipt. Most of us are probably among the masses of business travelers who want a less paper based life for the simple reason of streamlining expense reporting.

And so, for the past decade or more, we have all been watching paper receipts. We spend time thinking and dreaming about ways to have less paper in our lives. We watch the ecommerce and retail industries, looking for any new trends that might shift public opinion and habits away from paper.

Here at Traveldoo, we spend countless hours architecting systems that analyze and interpret receipts. It is interesting to reflect on the fact that paper receipts have been around for thousands of years. Perhaps that is why society at large has not yet eliminated them. There are many companies who still make their livelihood on paper receipts and therefore have a vested interest in keeping them alive.

One change that is happening in France is new regulation which allows companies to only retain the digitized versions of receipt. This requires additional security and storage protocols, but once in place and certified as compliant to regulations, companies can fully dispose of the paper copies of receipts. Auditors will accept to review only digital copies. Traveldoo is putting this system into action presently and will have first customers using the new system by summer this year.

So, there you have it. It’s 2019, and the days of paper receipts might actually be numbered now.

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