The holidays are over – hurrah for back to work!

While writing this title, I am acutely aware that this positive view of the new school year may not share by everyone. Some dread it and approach the return to school/ work with anxiety, while others are delighted at the prospect of starting the new “school” year with fresh momentum, spurred on by the energy built up over the holidays.

Today, though, we’re not just talking about the start of the school year, we’re also talking about other beginnings. The media reminds us that it’s also the start of the political season and the start of the literary or cultural season, all bringing with them the winds of change.

It’s a good time to embark on new activities, develop different routines for everyday life, adopt new habits, review work patterns or simply change your state of mind.

Our lives are punctuated by events such as festive celebrations and the start of the school year. Personally, I prefer the start of the school year and the simple pleasure of accompanying your children to school and exploring their new classrooms. It’s reliving, even for an instant, our own childhood.

On the other hand, critics would say that the start of the school year marks the end of summer and of freedom. This is associated with the return to a hard reality, linked to the reinstatement of restrictions, synonymous with stress.

In the business world, it’s an opportunity to take stock, review priorities and resume business activities. In Business Travel, we notice a clear increase in activity in September, resulting in a strong growth in the number of trips. September is historically the most dynamic month in terms of transaction numbers and this phenomenon happens across all countries. After a rather quiet August, business executives return to stations and airports to resume their business meetings and attend the numerous fairs and conferences at this time of year. It’s undoubtedly a very busy period in terms of business travel and expenses.

Traveldoo is ready for September and we would love to meet with you at:

The Traveldoo teams wish you all the best for your return to work.

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