Training and Empowerment: Traveldoo’s new ally

Training is essential within companies, to ensure productivity and to improve teamwork. The aim of training courses is to acquire the skills necessary for an employee’s role, as well as saving time in their daily work.

Traveldoo places particular emphasis on training, enabling Traveldoo users to master the new technology to develop their skills and work more effectively.

By investing in training, it makes it possible to meet ambitious company targets and improve performance and efficiency in the workplace.

Traveldoo training is based on the needs identified by companies, as well as preferred teaching methods tailored to suit the work environment and learning objectives.

Why is training so important to our business?

We noticed initially that the Traveldoo training met the specific needs of some of our clients. However, training was often designed in conjunction with the main client contact with little input from the wider teams, and consequently didn’t really address the different training requirements across the organisation. Most of the sessions were conducted by functional experts, whose job is more oriented towards technical support or project management and not necessarily suitable for all teams.

Traveldoo is opting for a complete remodelling of the training process

A new format has been put in place for all Traveldoo employees. Improved skills and a thorough understanding of tools have enabled internal teams to acquire a command of technical and functional subjects, thus guaranteeing a consistent knowledge base to then pass onto clients. We measured the results and noted actions through tests, surveys and simulations.

The Traveldoo methodology for delivering successful and efficient training

In order to distinguish the different customer requirements, sessions, materials, formats and content needed to be modernised and personalised to ensure each Traveldoo user could be trained on a subject that met a specific and distinct need.

This lead us to put forward practical, ergonomic and adapted training materials according to subject matter.

If you would like more information about our training and/or to take part in these new sessions, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

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