Customized packages of multilingual training options to help customers achieve their goals

They trust us

“Very good training session that allowed us to understand better the Portal solution. Thank you !” – PAP

“Deep in details session but worth it. Patient trainer and nice. Good pedagogy.” – PAP

“Very good training session, informative and enriching.” – UVET

Train your users

Training is a key and critical factor for the successful adoption of your SBT by your users. To ensure the success of our partnership, Traveldoo offers a large catalog of training courses provided as soon as your new tool is set up and at any time according to your needs. These trainings can be delivered on site or online by our team of approved trainers. Each of our training courses is aimed at a specific audience in order to adapt to the personal goals of each of your employees.

Key User Class

Key User Class

Designed for Travel Managers or your main Users (road-warriors, arrangers…), to help them get started using the tool and take advantage of key functionalities, promoting good adoption.

Administrators Class

Administrators Class

Establish the technical skills needed to administrate the platform. It will focus on the platform settings and the optimal configuration of travel programs.

For a smooth transition


It takes place on a test environment with the Traveldoo branding, pre-configured by the Training team.

Regardless of the client’s configuration of their unique environment, the standard content delivered will be the same as for any other client.

The content will therefore follow step by step the standard Training Program.


It takes place on the customer’s environment with the client’s branding, and if necessay on a test environment with the Traveldoo branding, pre-configured by the Training team.

Depending on the customer’s configuration, the custom content delivered will be adapted to their personal environment, their functionalities and their configuration.

The content might therefore differ from the standard Training Program (if needed).


It is a tailor-made workshop developed with the client, on the client’s environment or on a test environment with the Traveldoo branding pre-configured by the Training team.

The Training Program is built hand in hand with the client to integrate the themes they wish to see during the session.

It is not consulting, but a training workshop.

Training program specifically adapted to your needs

Traveldoo is Qualiopi certified !

Traveldoo is a Qualiopi referenced organization. Thus, each funder will be able to register Traveldoo as a training organization in its reference catalog.

To start your training, we have elearning videos waiting for you on our Traveldoo YouTube channel.

Traveldoo Youtube Channel

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Our project and implementation managers bring their in-depth knowledge of the Traveldoo solution suite to bear on each client’s unique requirements, to ensure the success of their online travel initiative.


Our Service Delivery and Customer Support teams, recognized for their professionalism and responsiveness, operate under stringent service level agreements.

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