Transforming T&E information into performance mechanism

Let the data speak for itself. This is the objective behind Business Intelligence modules. These new tools are becoming gradually more widespread across Travel and Expense systems, providing countless customisable functions and indicators, updated in real-time.

More than ever, the expectations relating to Travel and Expense information management are high. The last two years have seen the emergence of several features designed to improve readability and efficiency in this area. Its purpose is to cross-reference data from various sources (ERP, CRM, accounting sources, etc.) in order to reveal correlations between them. The data is fed back via dashboards and graphs, providing a different perspective on travel-related expenditure and an understanding of potential areas of optimisation. As a result, it is possible to determine the appropriate time to amend offers or your travel policy.

Travel Planet TMC is one of the new players offering innovations in this area. These dashboards contain all the data relating to each employee who is away on business. This information is available until the previous day in just a few clicks. Several companies that provide intelligent technological solutions for travel management, also provides a similar tool. By collecting data from chatbots and smart assistants, optimised reporting can provide a better understanding of travel information, which results in improvements in cost management and negotiation. A data driven decision-making solution for travel managers.


Technologies to accelerate efficiency

The expense management expert, Traveldoo, made headlines in the summer of 2019 when it announced a unique development in this area, with the launch of its Business Intelligence module. The module – named Insight – offers a wide range of performance indicators (KPIs) and search capabilities. It allows you to select the most relevant data, customise reports and obtain real-time data that reveals trends via alerts. In addition to analysing expenditure and expense report-related processes, this innovation also makes it possible to strengthen budgetary control and fight against fraud and abuse. The tool is accessible to all users, from approvers to accountants. The reports created are organised by role, allowing interaction with teams on selected indicators.

To ensure the relevance of the product, Traveldoo turned to Tableau, the market leader in Business Intelligence solutions. As this specialist’s user experience is recognised as being the simplest, this partnership ensures maximum benefit from their expertise. Tableau was also chosen due to its reliability in terms of security and data protection. The company has several international certifications.

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