Traveldoo launches Insight, the new business intelligence module with interactive dashboards and dynamic reporting

London June 27, 2019. This summer, Traveldoo®, the travel and expense technology company of Expedia Group, will launch one of the most sophisticated and dynamic business intelligence (BI) modules on the market. Powered by Tableau, the new feature – named Traveldoo Insight – will offer Interactive dashboards and dynamic reporting tailored to user roles. For Traveldoo’s clients this will mean access to uniquely flexible analytics that can actively inform business strategy and aid in measuring and monitoring KPIs needed to evaluate if travel and expense (T&E) objectives are being realised.

User roles and rights

From travel managers to financial controllers, HR divisions to travel management companies (TMCs), users can go beyond the numbers to fully explore T&E spend and processes, to optimise decision-making and efficiencies within the business. Combining quick and easy access to data with role-based workbooks, Traveldoo Insight lets teams focus on different KPIs. In addition, BI module administrators can manage users’ licenses, access and permissions ensuring duty of care, data security and compliance.

Interactive dashboards

Traveldoo Insight consists of over 100 KPIs across both T&E with more being added every day. Users can search, filter and drill up or down into data visualisations to reveal the hidden narrative to identify trends and patterns; then take it one step further and share insight with other stakeholders using full data download capabilities in all the usual formats (pdf., png., csv., etc.).

Flexible and customisable

The feature is powered by market-leader Tableau, a best-in-class self-service analytics solution that offers valuable flexibility when it comes to consolidating multiple data sources. Users can build on and extend existing workbooks by creating and customising their own dashboards. Traveldoo Insight is accessible on multiple devices, where responsive formatting results in the best user experience.

“Our clients are very excited about this new product feature, which will complement and enhance our existing solution. Unlike most other products on the market which have static reporting and clunky functionality, which require analytics experts to delve into the data, Traveldoo Insight has been designed to be flexible, usable and dynamic,” commented Suganya Sivasubramanian, Traveldoo’s resident analyst, spearheading the project.

Key functionality and benefits

DATA TAILORED TO EACH ROLE – curated analysis means users can quickly access modified KPIs that are relevant to their specific role and responsibility.

TIMELY UPDATES – regular reports can be scheduled to arrive automatically or based on exception alerts to promote action and keep data flowing through the business.

READY-MADE ANALYSIS – dynamic, interactive visualisations help to quickly identify and track trends and patterns.

SHARE & COLLABORATE – comment on, edit, download and share dashboards to generate actionable metrics based on underlying data.

EASE OF USE – Traveldoo Insight has been designed for business users, analysts and data enthusiasts.

POWERED BY TABLEAU – Traveldoo’s offering is powered by Tableau, a global leader in data and analytics, to ensure a best-in-class BI solution.

About Traveldoo

Traveldoo, an Expedia Group company, is a provider of web and mobile platforms for business travel and expense management. Founded in 2000, Traveldoo solutions simplify travel booking and expense reporting, help optimise travel spend and expense management processes, improve risk and crisis management and make business travellers’ and travel arrangers’ lives easier. Traveldoo empowers its clients to take control of their internal policies by giving them the tools they need to manage external suppliers’ content independently and intelligently. Traveldoo’s Travel and Expense solutions draw on the best of corporate and consumer applications to provide an intuitive, compelling user experience that boosts efficiency, drives cost-savings, and facilitates program management. Traveldoo’s services are used by over 4,500 organisations, large companies, public services, SMEs and business travel professionals in over 65 countries.

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About Tableau

Tableau helps people see and understand data. Tableau’s self-service analytics platform empowers people of any skill level to work with data. From individuals and non-profits to government agencies and the Fortune 500, tens of thousands of customers around the world use Tableau to get rapid insights and make impactful, data-driven decisions.

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