[Quiz] Monuments of Paris

1) To prevent the tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the Arc de Triomphe from falling into oblivion, a Flame of Remembrance or eternal flame has been lit at the sacred tomb since 1923. How many times has this flame gone out?

Each evening, at 18:30, a solemn ceremony of reviving is organized.

2) In what year was the Eiffel Tower built?

On the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary of the French Revolution and the Universal Exhibition of Paris

3) The exhibition area at the Louvre Museum is:

4) The road distances from France are calculated from point 0, located on the square of the:

5) The Champs-Élysées Avenue takes its name from the Élysées fields in Greek mythology, namely:

6) The highest point of the Capital is in this district north of Paris: The hill of Montmartre. How high is the hill?

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