[Quiz] The hidden side of the most emblematic monuments!

1) The Eiffel Tower, symbolic monument of Paris, has:

In order to appear in a uniform color for the observer from the ground, the tower is painted in three shades of color. It is painted in a lighter brown at the top and darker at the bottom.

2) The hour hands of Big Ben, the great London clock tower, measure 2.7 meters and weight:

3) The Statue of Liberty was originally conceived as:

A colossal sculpture at the entrance of the Suez Canal, the project was finally abandoned in favor of the statue that stands today in Manhattan.

4) The tower of Pisa, one of the emblems of Italy, was built on a villa, itself erected on:

5) Built to protect China from invaders, The Great Wall had to be strong. However, several sections of the wall were built with:

A mortar that has proven to be very effective.

6) The Sphinx of Giza, this gigantic statue near the great pyramids, lost its nose, destroyed by vandals. What some people do not know, however, is that the sphinx also had:

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