[Quiz] The unexpected History

1) Arabic numerals as we know them today were not created by the Arabians but by:

The Arabs played the role of intermediaries between the inventors and the European society of the Middle Ages.

2) Albert Einstein was a science genius but saw his career in 1952 take a new turn to become:

He was asked to become the new president of the state of Israel, but he refused.

3) The 100-year war is one of the most famous conflicts of the middle ages causing huge conflict between France and England. In spite of its famous name, how long did this war last?

4) Toasting before drinking dates back to the Middle Ages. But why did we toast?

5) In roman times, when returning from the war, soldiers received as pay:

6) The winner of the first « Tour de France » (bicycle race) in 1953 was disqualified because:

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