Expenses reporting processes and budget management

Optimize expense reporting processes and budget monitoring

Our technology at your service



Strengthen the enforcement of your expense reimbursement policy.



Consolidate your travel requests, expenses and payment flows. Control and validate budget allocations.

Cash advance

Cash advance

Manage cash advance requests. Set up approval workflows. Integrate advance requests into your expense report management.



Automate the import of payment flows and accounting reconciliation, and the distribution of accounting reports.



Manage accounts and automate the reallocation of expenses.



Automatically integrate invoice flows, control your out-of-policy expenses, and consolidate the sources of your expenses.

Automatic and assisted creation

Your expense report is automatically created from your trip itinerary. Expenses and receipts captured on-the-go with Traveldoo Mobile Expense can then be added. Import credit card transactions, duplicate repeated or recurring expenses, and use our mileage calculator and pre-set exchange rates to submit claims for mileage.


Advanced tools for better spend control

Flexible configuration management to implement best practice expense management. Help your organisation optimise Travel & Expense processes and spend. Ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. Monitor budgets and reduce report processing times, without any administrative burden. Through custom expense types, customisable expense forms and transaction split rules, Traveldoo clients can choose the level of capture detail and define expense categorization and policy exactly the way they want.

Efficient approval, audit and control is easy with our multicriteria and multi-level workflows. Out-of-office assistant, claim status change notifications, noncompliance warnings, pre-calculated reimbursable amounts, and approval on mobile devices ensure efficient process control.

Views, compliance warnings and audit trails

Quickly see whether purchases and transactions have been properly categorised, detailed, split,
allocated and justified before reimbursement. Easily align with the general ledger of your company’s ERP, and VAT reclaim preparation. Types of expenses related to accounting codes: to help identify an expense with its correct accounting treatment, the Traveldoo solution enables you to link the types of expenses in an accounting code for seamless integration with your ERP.

note de frais

Understand your T&E spend and enhanced visibility over your programme

Detailed reports covering six analysis domains – activity, spend, compliance, price, savings, individual spend behaviour. You will be able to analyse precisely and quickly how your T&E spend breaks down and evolves over time by expense type, suppliers, cost centres, accounting codes and more.

Interactive dashboards will help you monitor spending trends with key performance indicators (KPIs): budget consumption, reporting activity, compliance rates, processing and reimbursement times, etc. Understand the root causes of deviations from your objectives and identify new potential savings and areas for improvement.

Discover the Traveldoo Expense experience

Speed & Simplicity

Simply and quickly manage your expense reports

  • Automate the creation of your expense reports


  • Geolocate and instantly save your expenses


  • Scan and centralize your receipts.

Optimization & Control

Optimize your expense management, improve your expense reporting, and monitor your policy compliance.

  • Create custom expense forms, adapted to your needs


  • Automate the approval workflows of your expense reports


  • Set up control rules for your reimbursement policy

Tracking & Efficiency

Track the efficiency of your expense management policy

  • Generate reports on the nature and evolution of your expenses


  • Analyse the status and trends of your key performance indicators from your dashboard.


Integrate your expenses into your business software

  • Export the expenses into your ERP system


  • Import bank statements, invoices into Traveldoo Expense

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