Traveldoo Insight

Interactive dashboards and dynamic reports bring to life the KPIs you need to evaluate if you are realizing your objectives.

Go beyond the numbers, use Insight to explore and track your T&E spend and processes for optimal decision-making.

Benefits from Insight



Based on your role and responsibilities, quickly access KPIs that are relevant to you. Avoid clutter and confusion!



Fast moving companies need fast moving data. Schedule automatic reports or set-up instant alerts based on exception.



Don’t get lost in your data. Interactive visualizations easily identify and track trends and patterns.



Comment, edit, download and share dashboards. Equip your team with actionable metrics and underlying data.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Traveldoo Insight has been designed for business users, analysts and data enthusiasts.

Powered by Tableau

Powered by Tableau

Our offering is powered by Tableau, global leader in Data & Analytics, to ensure a best-in-class BI solution.

Set Traveldoo Insight in action

Interactive Dashboards

Data is only the start of the story. Actionable information is where data delivers value, and here presentation is key.

Traveldoo Insight consists of over 100 KPIs across both Travel & Expense and we’re adding more every day. Explore the KPIs you want to track as dashboards on which you can search, filter and drill up or down with just a few clicks.

Our advanced graphical presentation reveals the narrative hidden at the row level. Insight gives you visualizations through which you can easily identify trends, as well as full data download capability is all the usual formats (pdf., png., csv., etc.)

Track travel and expense spend
track your travel and expense spend

Flexible & Customizable

In addition to the existing 100+ KPIs, Traveldoo Insight provides you access to a wide range of data sources that you can use to create your own dashboards. Tableau is a powerful self-service Analytics solution, and so business users can easily build on and extend our workbooks to get the customized views that they need.

Insight can be accessed on a number of devices, including mobile phones, where formatting for different screen sizes is taken care of behind the scenes for the best user experience.

User Roles & Rights

Oriented around specific T&E roles, such as approvers or accountants, Traveldoo Insight allows teams to quickly and easily access data needed to improve work efficiency. With a role-based workbooks approach, you can assign and focus different teams on different KPIs, selected from our long list of pre-built metrics.

This clarity of focus will mean time saved as well as data confidentiality protected. BI module administrators can also manage users’ licenses, access and permissions.


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