[Quiz] Business Travel & Cultures

1) In Japan, you should take someone’s business card:

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This is a way of showing your respect for the person you are meeting and helps to get your interaction off to a good start.

2) At a business meeting in Russia, you must avoid:

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They believe this brings bad luck.

3) Gifts are an integral part of doing business in China, but which gift should you avoid at all costs?

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In Mandarin Chinese, the phrase "to give a clock" (sòng zhōng) sounds the same as a phrase meaning "to send to death"

4) When you talk to Indian associates, they will answer yes to all your questions. This means:

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5) If you are given a gift in South Korea, your gift in return should be:

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Be careful not to give gifts that are too expensive, because your associates will then have to be able to match them with their gifts.

6) In Brazil, professional life and private life are:

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As a result, it is extremely important for a foreigner to establish interpersonal relationships

[Quiz] Business Travel & Cultures
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Instant Quiz Business Travel & ExpenseInstant Quiz Business Travel & Expense