[Quiz] Business Travel & Expense

1) Which is the busiest airport in the world?

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For the 19th consecutive year, with more than 100 million travelers.

2) Qatar Airlines has announced that they are launching the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight. What is the planned flight time?

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Doha to Auckland, the aircraft will travel across more than 14 500 Km non-stop.

3) What is the most expensive hotel room charge for a one night stay?

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The 1114 m2 Penthouse Suit in the Mark Hotel in New York.

4) What is the top business destination for French travelers?

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Domestic occupies first place for business travel (54% of respondents).

5) What percentage of mobile hotel booking are made by business travelers?

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The most hotel booking via mobile are for "city-breaks" abroad (30%) or in their own country (30%), other business trips (29%).

6) What is the maximum passenger capacity on the Airbus A380?

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However, no airliner has ever carried such a high passenger load, 500 is the current limit.

[Quiz] Business Travel & Expense
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Instant Quiz Business Travel & ExpenseInstant Quiz Business Travel & Expense