Quiz – Business Lunch

On average, what percentage of expense reports represent business meals expenses?

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According to the Dinova/BTN Group research study, this figure would be increasing and largely under-estimated!

According to a Dinova research study on business lunches, what is the main criteria for an employee when selecting a restaurant for a business meal?

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In which European country do employees take the least time to have lunch during the working week?

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According to the last Edenred survey, 91% of Greeks employees take less than 30 minutes for lunch. This could be the fact that dinner is the main meal in Greece and that culturally cooking is mostly linked to privacy and family.

What Japanese tradition must you respect during a business meal to not appear rude?

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According to the protocol, why is “Bon Appétite” a proof of impoliteness?

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To be replaced by ”Enjoy the meal”

According to research led by sociology professors at the US, Cornell University, lunching with your team mates regularly :

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Quiz - Business Lunch

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