[Quiz] The hidden side of the most emblematic monuments 2!

1) Why has the Taj Mahal been censored in Indian guidebooks?

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This mausoleum dating from the seventeenth century was, in fact, built by a Mughal emperor for his deceased wife. A building that is also reminiscent of the peak of Muslim expansion in the country by this empire that ruled from 1526 to 1858.

2) The Empire State Building, in addition of conducting static electricity, also acts as a lightning rod. Every year, the building is hit on average:

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3) In 2010, the French engineer David Crespy decides to venture into the ruins of Machu Picchu where he found:

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Electromagnetic devices reveal the presence of a staircase and several underground rooms as well as the presence of metal, but the ministry still refuses its opening

4) Naumachias were very common at the Coliseum of Ancient Rome. What is a naumachia?

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The Rome Coliseum was filled with water naval battles in front of thousands of spectators in the middle of the capital

5) Jorn Utzon, Danish architect known when he won the projects to draw the Sydney Opera House. He was inspired:

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The different parts of the proof, which gave the buildings its world-famous feature, are thus shaped like an orange quarter

6) The stones used to build Christ the Redeemer, also called the Corcovado, the statue that watches over Rio de Janeiro were brought from :

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[Quiz] The hidden side of the most emblematic monuments 2!

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