Quiz – Train stations of the world

Which is the largest European train station in terms of passengers?

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262 million passengers travel in Gare du Nord every year; it's also the 3rd largest station in the world.

The largest train station in the world is Shinjuku in Japan. How many passengers pass through this station every day?

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In the famous Grand Central station in New York – There is a little-known fact about the Central Hall timetable board, what is it?

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For what occasion was the mythical Chhatrapati Shivaji station built in Mumbai, which opened in 1887?

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The station was called Victoria Station and has been renamed since 1996 after the national hero, General Shivaji

How many stations are served by the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok?

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Which country in the world has no railway stations?

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Liechstenstein is crossed by a single railway track, however, no railway station exists and therefore no trains stop there. Bhutan, had no railway line until 2009.

Quiz - Train stations of the world

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