[Quiz] Freezing Quizz

1) «Antarctica" originates from the Greek antí, "against", and arktikós  "Arctic", the latter word is formed from árktos? What does árktos mean?

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The Arctic is located on the part of the globe exposed to constellation of the Great Bear.

2) What is the height (in meters) of the Massif Vinson, the highest point in the Antarctic?

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3) Antarctica holds the record for the coldest place on Earth. What is the coldest temperature ever recorded?

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4) Tourism in Antarctica is regulated by the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators. In what year did it first open for tourists?

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5) Among the 7 continents, where does Antarctica stand in terms of surface area (the largest being at the first place)?

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6) Ice caps are large masses of ice that rest on the ground and cover most of the underlying landscape. What is the percentage of the ice cap that covers the Antarctic?

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