[Quiz] Summer Quiz – Level 1

1) The Caesar salad is a popular Summer dish, in which country was it invented?

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2) The presence of millions of tiny bioluminescent crustaceans gives a magical aspect to this famous beach. In which country is it located?

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3) Located in Mexico, Playa del Amor is located inside a hole that was formed as a result of:

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This beach was created artificially by a bomb that would have exploded by mistake at this place during military trials

4) In which country is Chefchaouen, the entirely blue city?

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According to residents, the blue washed walls is supposed to protect the eyes of the devil.

5) In the city of Algarrobo in Chile, there is the longest swimming pool in the world. It measures :

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6) Located in Israel, the Dead Sea welcomes many bathers every year. What happens when you enter the water?

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The water of the Dead Sea is extremely salty with a salinity that exceeds 30%, this makes us float

[Quiz] Summer Quiz - Level 1

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